The stand


To take a stand for maternal and womens’ rights by connecting them with best in class advocates who are committed to defending their rights and toppling oppressive power structures.

What We Do

We take a stand for women, first and primarily mothers, by making it easy for them to find an advocate who’s passionate about preserving and defending women’s rights and toppling power structures that oppress women and minorities. 


We take a stand for attorneys by connecting them with edifying, purpose-driven work that reignites their passion for their common calling to legal service.

How We Do It

We select and vet attorneys around the world and connect them with mothers looking for help.

The benefit
on both sides

To mothers, we take the mental load and burden away, by short-cutting them to attorneys they can trust to be capable, caring and responsible, providing the understanding, support, and advocacy they need.

To attorneys, we promote and celebrate the genius of our attorney members, connecting them to meaningful work, and (in time) providing education, mental health and inner care resources, and discounted practical resources to foster a sense of belonging, support and edification.


We’re committed to progress, to listening to women and their concerns, to understanding systemic bias, staying current on best practices and new laws.

We’re committed to vetting the featured attorneys to ensure they are aligned with our values. We only feature attorneys who have been extensively vetted. We have spoken to all the featured attorneys, reviewed their background, their case strategy and client philosophy.


To move society in the direction of justice for all women, so that individual women feel whole, free, fulfilled.

To relieve and embolden burdened mothers by guiding them to caring, capable counsel when they need it. We remove the mental and emotional load of finding help so that women can live with a sense of freedom, support and expansion.

To connect caring, brilliant female attorneys to people and cases they were born to fight for, thereby bolstering their sense of fulfillment in their work.

To leverage our privilege to help put an end to systemic oppression.


Membership fees from attorneys, $700 each, paid quarterly.  Firm Fees begin at 10K biannually.